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The image you place may appear to have a low resolution, depending on your settings.The display setting of an image does not affect final output of the file.You can apply color-management options to individual imported graphics when using color-management tools with a document.You can also import a clipping path or an alpha channel saved with an image created in Photoshop.Click the Color tab to view the following options: If Use Document Default is selected, leave this option unchanged.Otherwise, choose a color source profile that matches the gamut of the device or software used to create the graphic.

Pasting, however, embeds a graphic in a document; the link to the original graphic file is broken and doesn’t appear in the Links panel, and you can’t update the graphic from the original file.In Design uses the alpha channel to create a transparent mask on the image.This option is available only for images that contain at least one alpha channel.If a PNG graphic was saved with a non-white background color, and Use Transparency Information is selected, this option is selected by default.If you don’t want to use the default background color, click White Background to import the graphic with a white background, or deselect Use Transparency Information to import the graphic without any transparency (displaying areas of the graphic that are currently transparent).

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